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Interpreting the ancient

Gemstones as Remedies

What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are minerals that have solidified and crystallised within the deep pockets in the Earth’s surface due to certain conditions of pressure and temperature. But do they actually have powers to appease Planets? Or maybe, we should be asking a more relevant question – how can the Planets be appeased?

Understanding the Planets

To know the sure shot way to appease a Planet, one has to understand the Planets deeply. Planets are not causal agents; they merely indicate where troubles in life originate, they don’t cause trouble. Let’s talk about Saturn as an example. Saturn is a Planet which is concerned with one’s Karma, and gives appropriate results accordingly. Simple enough. So let’s say one has been indulging in some illegal activities, then during the transit of Saturn in the particular house, the effects will be negative from the person’s point of view, and he will have to face justice. That is Saturn’s job. He is the judge and the jury. 

Saturn is here to make sure that one does the right thing. The question – how does one appease Saturn ? Well, obviously by performing the right deeds and Karma. Saturn represents the poor, the lepers and the servants. Be good to them and help them in any way that you can. Wearing a gemstone or an iron ring will not do so much good as performing these actions mindfully would.

In its portfolio, a planet has countless items including gems, trees, herbs, metals, fruits, flowers, directions, etc. If a person is having problems with a weak Sun in his chart, for example, the theorized remedy is to simply plant a thorny tree (ruled by the Sun) in his yard, to help boost the solar energy.

Altering the Karmic Life Map

Altering one’s Karmic Life Map is a huge task. It is a very difficult process to cleanse the mind of negativity and extreme materialism. Here gemstones seem to be a quick fix – simple and easy – to eradicate the negative effects brought in by the transits and dashas of planets. Wear a gemstone and attain nirvana ! Watch all your troubles go away ! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

The pathways to alter a negative Karmik life map are:

  • Mantra
  • Tantra
  • Yantra
  • Aushadha
  • Yagya

Classical astrological texts do give remedial measures, but they do not include wearing jewels. In his book, “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra,” Parasara Muni has explained the perfect method for alleviating afflictions indicated by planets, and that is by the sincere worship of God, through the pathways mentioned above. He writes that the planets are created by Krsna, and that each planet is a manifestation of a particular avatar of Krsna. So if a planet is signifying problems in one’s life, then he should worship the particular avatar who controls that planet. 

The avatars are as follows: 

Rama controls Sun; 

Krsna, Himself – the Moon; 

Narasimha – Mars 

Lord Buddha–Mercury